Dr. Ying Liu 
Wuhan University, China 

Ying Liu is a virologist and microbiologist at Wuhan University. She received her BSc in Biology from Northwest A&F University, and obtained a PhD in Microbiology from Wuhan University. She completed her post-doctoral training at Institut Pasteur, France, in the group of Prof. David Prangishvili and Dr. Mart Krupovic. During this period, she explored the diversity of archaeal virosphere in extreme environments. Her research also involved investigating the egress mechanism of the archaeal enveloped virus. In 2024, Ying joined the faculty in the Department of Microbiology at Wuhan University. Her research group studies interactions between viruses and their hosts in the Archaea domain. Specifically, the research focuses on understanding the viral infection cycles and the host defense systems in viruses infecting halophilic archaea. 

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