Dr. Vivek Mutalik 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Dr. Mutalik is a Staff Scientist and lead Principal Investigator at the Phage Foundry, Biosciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA. 

His research group is focused on developing tools and technologies to study and engineer diverse bacteria, phages and their interactions. Dr. Mutalik received his PhD in Chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Prof Carol Gross laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco and worked as a project scientist in Adam Arkin laboratory at UC Berkeley. 

Dr. Mutalik has three years of experience in the Biotechnology Industry in handling more than hundred kiloliter industrial fermentation units. Dr. Mutalik has cofounded Polyglot Bio focused on microbiome engineering and Felix Biotechnology, focused on accelerating the deployment of novel biotherapeutics targeting urgent microbial challenges in human health and beyond. 

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