Professor Stefanie Barbirz
MSB Medical School, Germany 

Stefanie is a chemist by training. For her doctoral degree in physical biochemistry, she worked on protein folding and stability of very large viral spike proteins. During her Postdoc, Stefanie studied thermodynamics of protein interactions with carbohydrates of the Gram-negative outer membrane, especially lipopolysaccharides. She led the glycobiochemistry young investigator group at the University of Potsdam where she started to work on phage genome transfer. Since 2021, she is a full professor for biochemistry at the MSB Medical School Berlin. Stefanie‚Äôs research team works on the mechanisms of bacteriophage entry at the Gram-negative outer membrane. They develop and apply biophysical and biochemical approaches to study bacteriophage interactions with the Gram-negative envelope, employing in vitro membrane model systems, vesicles and biofilm matrices. Their analyses on the level of individual phage particles aim at contributing to our understanding of the dynamical interplay between bacterial envelopes and bacteriophages. 

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